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Swan Swift

Swan sorter machines are designed unique with powerful software that makes millions of right decisions to identify the size of defect & spot defect to arrive upon the acceptable product that pass through the high tech line scan camera in a millisecond.Our machines are designed in such a way that it can with stand in high temperatures also such that it won’t cause any damage to the electronic devices.


Swan Sorter offers a complete range of solutions for pulses and grains sector for sorting to pack. We are fascinated by new technologies which we implement in our machines. By constant applications of newest solutions we are leaders in trend setting for sorting industry. Swan sorting multigrain has the ability to provide the most suitable, cost effective yet advanced sorting solution for the efficient removal of damaged grains and pulses.

Swan Sudarshan

Swan Sudharshan is specially designed to sort seeds like tamarindSeed , cashew , dried grapes, Ground Nut etc…., Swan Color sorter is the unique innovative type of high precision equipment designed to sort the pulses and grains by their colors. Swan sorter are easy to use allowing to get 99.99% of clean product at the discharge. The high precision ejection system minimizes false rejects of good grain, delivering a very highly concentrated reject stream. The yield is improved with the aid of specially designed high performance chutes. This serious machines are the combination of the best technology available today and our experience in the color sorting industry to give you the ultimate benefit of getting consistent good purity in sorting with minimum loss of good grains in the rejection.

Swan Swift

Quality control is a fundamental part of today’s food production industry, yet many factors that affect quality are not easy to assess with current technologies. Our team of engineers fabricates and offers leading edge technology that can efficiently distinguish irrelevant articles by weight, colors, length, contours, height , finish with precision and to complete satisfaction .

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Swan has revolutionized the way food process around the world inspect and process their products.

Our innovative technologies help to increase yield, efficiency and profit.